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This list gives you a collection of the 15 hottest monsters in movie history - because, let's face it, we've all found ourselves strangely attracted to the bad guys at one point or other. And why wouldn't we be?

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Even demons, vampires, succubi, aliens and genetic concoctions of evil need love. Who is she? What is she? Why is she hot?

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For one thing, she's a Two of the hottest female creatures and it's her job to look turned on as much as possible which is a plus. She has late 90s Salma Hayek's body and dances at a strip club where the band is playing Two of the hottest female creatures, so you know she probably listens to metal which is hot. Another thing she has going for her is the near-total lack of clothes, as well as the fact that she knows how to get down, despite not having a soul And why wouldn't we be?

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Even demons, vampires, succubi, aliens and genetic concoctions of evil need love. Who is she? What is she? Why is she hot?

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For one thing, she's a stripper and it's her job to look turned on as much as possible which is a plus. She has late 90s Salma Hayek's body and dances at a strip club where the band is playing corpse-guitars, so you know she probably listens to metal which is hot. Another thing she has going Two of the hottest female creatures her is the near-total lack of clothes, as well as the fact that she knows how to get down, despite not having a soul Technically, Jennifer in Jennifer's Body.

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You then take its egg and warm it, either in a pile of actual horse shit, or just your armpit. When the egg hatches, the liderc is born.

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Where did the chicken go? We don't know.

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The liderc, however, will now proceed to fuck with your mind before literally fucking you. It will take on the appearance of a long-dead relative or lover.


This is the part of the stories that I wish offered more details, because generally they go on to say how it comes back every night to bone you, and you start wasting away to death as it humps you and sucks your blood and sits Two of the hottest female creatures your chest so you can't breathe and that kind of inconsiderate monster stuff Like, did someone's grandma do this to them once?

You hatched this egg and it looks like grandma and now she keeps coming back to pork you to death?

There's a lot wrong with this story. A whole lot.

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Anyway, regardless of what and who the liderc looks like Some stories say it has one chicken leg it keeps hidden in its pants. You know, so you don't get wise to how this dead sex partner of yours may not be all they seemit'll keep coming back, either Two of the hottest female creatures you're dead or you find a way to distract it.

How do you distract it? Random household chores!

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Keep that up for the rest of your natural life and you'll get through this OK. Incidentally, there are also a couple of other lidercs out there. One kind is just a tiny devil that you might find in the pocket of old clothes, because maybe that's where you lost that little devil you owned? Anyway, find that liderc, and suddenly your life takes a turn for the better, as you gain fame and fortune and try to overlook the fact that the cost for these wonders is your soul.

The other kind of Two of the hottest female creatures is just some flying fire or a will-o-the-wisp, which seems like the least menacing of the three at this point, and doesn't involve necrophilia.

Cracked has shared the story of the popobawa with you before, because what self-respecting website could learn of the existence Two of the hottest female creatures a one-eyed buggerist goblin and not tell people about it?

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In a nutshell, that's who and what the popobawa is -- a monster who shows up when you're asleep and slips you the high hard one in the back door.

Somehow even more bizarre is how, apparently, he tells Two of the hottest female creatures that you better tell people about it, or else he'll come back to do it again. So you know, start gossiping. What you may not know is that this isn't some story from the Dark Ages, when a mud farmer and a poop farmer would meet in the middle of a field, sit down to a lunch of mushrooms and despair, and spin yarns about why their asses hurt so much.

This thing was born in Two of the hottest female creatures s and has been reported in the news, as in on the BBC, as late as The news legitimately reports on outbreaks of ass-blasting monsters in Tanzania. That's why hour networks don't help society better itself. How do you defend against a popobawa, and what does it want? You could try to never fall asleep, as some villagers do. As for what it wants?

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Your ass. Two of the hottest female creatures wants to be inside your ass, and then it wants you to tell your friends that last night, Two of the hottest female creatures small one-eyed bat man plowed your ass like a field of cassava. And that's why this monster is so terrifying. It has no part 2 to its plan. It just wants to bugger you and then enjoy knowing you told a friend.

This is a hardcore perv in the world of ancient belief. He's a full on Prince of Hell, and that means ultra-satanic levels of dickery. As the demon of lust, most old school thought blamed any perverse sexual thoughts and desires you know, anything that doesn't involve a man and a woman frowning for seconds as they make a baby on Asmodeus.

It's not all old school, though, as I even found a site that blames him for Hollywood, the Internet, and the media in general. Other sites blame Two of the hottest female creatures demon for the existence of homosexuality, so it's best to avoid the Christian fundamentalists when researching hornballs from mythology.

In most texts, Asmodeus is seen as obsessing over a woman and going to great lengths to ensure she never gets laid.


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In the Book of Tobit, he kills 7 successive husbands of a woman named Sarah before they can consummate their marriages, because Asmodeus is the spirit of diabolical cockblocking in the most extreme way.

Somewhere in the Talmud it suggests that the reason Asmodeus is such a shit is because his father was Adam as in, the first guy ever. While Two of the hottest female creatures and Eve were on a break, the angel of prostitution came to him and boned him, and their baby was Asmodeus -- meaning he's half succubus and half a guy who only ever saw one other woman in his entire life. That's a recipe for a wicked stew of semi-demented sexuality. Like the popobawa, Two of the hottest female creatures thokolosi wants to debauch people in their sleep, which is apparently just a huge cultural fear in other parts of the world.

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Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Human history is rife with monsters, devils, and things Two of the hottest female creatures go bump in the night. It also has its fair share of things that go hump in the night. And let's be reasonable; sexual terror is a real and powerful thing. Arab naked old women Hottest the Two creatures of female.

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